Candidates Speak

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Candidates were asked what they would do for the Atlantic City taxpayers if elected to office.  This is their responses.  Each candidate's response is in their own words and has not been edited.  The candidates' responses are listed in the order in which they were sent to the ACTA.
We appreciate their replies and hope to continue the dialogue.
The ACTA is non-partisan and non-political.  We do not endorse candidates.  We will work with any leader whose platform is aligned with the purpose of the ACTA - that is - lowering the crushing property taxes levied on the people of Atlantic City.


Maria Lacca

Council At Large (R)

Geoff Dorsey

Council At Large (D)

Tom Foley

Mayor (D)


I love the fact you formed ACTA for the residents to creatively talk about our tax issues as one of our most important topics. As well as many issues we must Correct !!!!   getting involved into the nuts & bolts of our city, one ️ solution would be since our gorgeous casinos profit in “our” awesome city of Atlantic City, we can find casinos a part to play in our win, win for all !

I understand the tax payers issues as we live here and own a few properties here in AC. And Also because I m a contractor who has quite a few clients  who own and develop realestate, own businesses , sell real estate  here .             Theres quite a few innovating ideal I have that would take time and legislation to accomplish like *PILOT programs for investors 

*Substantial improvement 5 yr step plan.  I also have a few other ideas to increase was home ownership thereby creating a community of more people who are vested in the buildings they occupy which should mean more gardens and outside improvements . 

         Keep in mind the rates are relatively high becuase : 

The poor Evaluation done by the Contractor had the numbers been done correctly the rate would be lower. 

The appeals granted afterward and before re evaluation are a costly process and bad assesments therefore cost us more unnecessary money in Admin as well . 

         On the most basic level the tax rate is a variable that fluctuates with the amount of spending we do as a municipality (Our Budget ) and the value of the properties with in our jurisdiction (our gross rateables ) If the rateables are assessed properly the rate come down . 

           However investors often do the minimum possible to get rental units CO ready in attempt to avoid the new tax rate associated with the repairs. And attempting to akirt the laws of bringing the properpty up to code . 

           If we stop penalizing investors with a rapid tax hike , via a 5 step PILOT program,  upon completion of their renovation of their property they would be motivated ( through rules in the PILoT ) to beautify the exterior as well as maintain the entire unit especially the exterior to look better as well .

               The revaluation problem is another issue Currently, investors/ many residents focus on inside repairs to avoid new tax values and dont let assessor inside this causes incorrect assesments and the neglect of exteriors this causes systematic defect causes visual dilapidation of the neighborhood.  

         We can use existing code enforcement to enforce the rules in place to upkeep the houses and that will create again pride in ownership and increased values . which inevitably would create a lower rate . 

           As long as we are fiscally responsible with resources. We could easily reduce the tax rate. 

Please keep in mind 72% of our community DO NOT OWN where they live . 60% of them receive some sort of subsidy. 

         This issue therefore is more important to the 28% who own and occupy and we dont have enough voting partners in the fight. This could be why the issue has been neglected. 

        This is one of the subjects I have much passion for and many plans on how we can change it for the better . 

                School tax is one of our largest county debts. Maintenance of City owned Closed buildings that do not get taxed is another. With so many closed schools n fire houses that we are still doing maintenance on its also time to find them new owners . Like the fire house in Chelsea Heights that got a new roof in the last 2-3 years but has been closed for over a decade.  

       Thx for your time I would love to talk to the group in person or Zoom and actually get to in depth conversation and hear their views on the issues .

Team Foley would like to express that decreasing the Atlantic City taxes, is one of our highest priorities. Our mission is to ensure stable and affordable taxes, by developing Bader Field via a Revenue Sharing Agreement. We want to work closely with our state legislature, to develop a novel idea for expanding Casino Revenue with International Gaming Expansion via the internet.  Earmarking a percent of tax revenues, going directly to decreasing our massive debt. We will create redevelopment zones throughout the city and use that money for infrastructure

projects. We also plan to draw a 5 year plan to identify large upcoming expenses to plan ahead for budget.