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Data Querying / Reporting includes all interactions with your data stored in a repository (database).

What is an Data Querying?

Data Querying entails selecting, inserting, updating, and deleting from a data repository.

What is a Database?

A Database is the repository where your data resides.  The database consists of tables, and tables contain columns and rows.  Columns define the date and rows consist of the actual data itself.

Where and how an we view our reports?

We can display these in an Administration area of your  your website where you will have a userId and password to allow access to only those you choose.

What is Data Reporting?

Data Reporting is displaying the results of a data selection in formatted views.

Can this be done incrementally?

Yes, we can show you our progress and get your feedback at specific milestones.  We can make modifications before going in the wrong direction, thereby saving time and money.

What format are used?

We can export your data into a pdf, excel, word, or other document.  We can post them to a secure page on your website.

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