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CRM is a system that can include interactions with

your partners, employees, customers, and
potential customers.

What is CRM?

CRM is defined as "a technology for managing all of your business relationships and interactions with your customer and potential customers".

How much coding is involved?

CRMs can have little to no coding or much more coding for more advanced functionality.

Is this like Salesforce CRM?

We are trained in Salesforce Administration and Salesforce Development and can administer an entire Salesforce instance for your business.

Does this include design?

Your CRM is integrated into your website and can be designed with the same theme or a different one.

Can this be done incrementally?

Yes, we can show you our progress and get your feedback at specific milestones.  We can make modifications before moving forward, thereby saving  you time and money.

What technologies are used?

We use WIX CRM tools for collecting user names and emails sent through your website.  We can enable automatic emails, responses to user input, and much more.  

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