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Training can be structured teaching of a specific topic.Knowledge Transfer can include imparting  understanding of your website after we complete it.

What Training?

A web application is defined as "a software program which is accessible using a web browser."

How much coding is involved?

The amount of coding required depends on the level of functionality needed.

Is this solftware development?

Yes, this is part of and often referred to as software development.

What is Knowledge Transfer?

Typically, the design phase is integrated with the development phase; however, it doesn't have to be and can be done separately.

Can this be done incrementally?

Yes, we can show you our progress and get your feedback at specific milestones.  We can make modifications before going in the wrong direction, thereby saving time and money.

What technologies are used?

We use WIX Editor X as the platform; the technologies include javascript, html, ss, node.js.  Additonal technologies can be included as needed.

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